Here you've come to my personal story where you can read a little about me and some of my philosophical views and see some of my stuff (this can't be vain, can it?) and you can also hear some about the site development, where it's going and make some comments and suggestions.

The Boss' Pages

Yeah, around here I am the boss, but that doesn't mean anything but that I control what appears on this web site. Click any one of these areas to see some of the things that I have played around with in my time:

  • My Artwork   If you want to see some of the visual art I have done this is the place to view it and commission me if you desire.
  • My Ideas in Science and Technology   Ideas and inventions that I have toyed with since I way young.
  • My Writing   I like to make up stories just like every body else!
  • My Music   I like to think I'm a pretty good musician and have dabbled in writing some here and there.
  • My Story   Who I am, how I got to be me, and anything else nobody wants to know about me (haha).
  • My Family   Who they are and my feelings and sentiments toward the people I love.

What makes me think that I have the right to be any kind of an authority on these or any other subjects? Well, I don't claim to be, but when you look at history much, if not most, of the great ideas that we take for granted, and possibly don't even remember where they came from, are the work of lay persons who at least at one time had a good, if not great, idea. And although I'm not one to brag on myself, I think it's a shame and a waste for people not to share their accomplishments with others, even if those are just thoughts or sketches and not fantastic, life changing inventions or events or enduring works of art.

I have always encouraged imagination and expression, possibly stemming from the harsh way I was made to look at my own art and ideas since childhood. I have heard things such as "what makes you think that anyone would want..." or "that's weird", or just an "eh!" when I would ask the opinion of others ant that has made me work all the harder to produce better work. This may seem to be a formula for success but in no way would I treat anyone this way, hoping they will respond the way I did. In fact, degradation of someone's efforts is a very risky way to try to make them work harder. Although my art and science got better throughout my lifetime I have suffered much in the form of a personality conflict, knowing my capabilities at one time and feeling incompetent at the same time.

I hope my story and the contents of this web site will make a difference to whoever visits here. This site was not intended to be a reference for any experts in these fields (but it may grow to that prestige!). All that is intended here is to build a web site that will give a little enlightenment and encourage you, the visitor, to explore some area of knowledge that you may never have considered before.

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