Art is many things and I have had a passion for all of them. Visual arts, Music, Writing and more can be expressed in this section of my site. Sometimes the people I deal with don't seem to realize how important a little art is, even in a scientific endeavor.

There are many, many forms of art, and considering the invention of new technologies and the new mediums of expression that have evolved from them such as the invention of the camera followed closely by the motion picture in the last century, and now we have digital forms to express ourselves with, there just seems to be no limit to how we will be able to tell a story. Here are just some of the areas of art that I have had the chance to gather some enticing material on:


"Are you good (a good artist)?" This question I have been asked over and over again in my life. I always thought it a silly one. "Of course I'm a good artist! What did you think I'd say?", would be my thought. How do you get to be a good artist? Well, of course there is always practice... and practice and practice and... But I've found so much depends on how you look at the world around you, and how you use what you've learned by that observation. And what is a good artist, anyway? Read some of my thoughts on this subject here by clicking on my icon.

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