I see science in everything I do, and I also have a habit of inventing things. Here is a place to go science. Mathematics is science too! And did you know that some science applied to your art will not only make it more believable but also more interesting?

Here resides Science!

Learning and applying scientific methods to our daily lives can help us keep a realistic view as to what can be accomplished, how and in the most prudent and economical ways.


Cosmology is one of the weirdest and yet spellbinding of the sciences to me. It has caused me to think of the place I have here in this "space-time", where I and my thought and contributions are going, and if it may all be worth it in the "end". Would you join me in some of the deeper recesses of my mind? A slight word of caution might be in order since this science is of the beginning and the end!

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