This is where you can find links to all kinds of art and science sites, as well as some others that I feel are just plain interesting. I occasionally spend hours browsing the web to build my reservoir of information and would recommend at least a quick browse through them.

Jump-off Point to Other Realms!

Here I have collected links to numerous web sites pertaining to the subjects below. These sites should at least help in deepening your knowledge in the subject of interest. Many will branch to more sites with their own links pages, some are links pages of a parent web site. Beware that as you leave the comfort of Dembrowski Art and Science's morality and branch out into the rest of the WWW that I can't keep an eye on all that you may come to. But here is a beginning for your exploration on the rest of the web:

  • Legal Links and Copyright information   Get right with the government and learn how to protect your hard work from theft and distortion. Very important reading for anyone who wants to go public!
  • Art Links   I keep scouring the internet for the cream of the art world. If you think the work here is good you should check out some of these artists.
  • Science Links   Some of the most respected authorities are right here for you to refer to.
  • Other Fine Links   Here I have conglomerated links that don't necessarily fit into the categories above. Here you might find cool games, references or just some neat sites I thought were worth linking to.

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