Every so often I have this urge to write any and all of the new developments happening to DAS, and to me! If you want to keep up with what is going on here then this is the place to start, the official DAS reports to in-house visitors and the far beyond.

Welcome: DaBear and Angels Inc!

December 24, 2002 There's a new comic strip in town being produced by none other than my brother, Bruce M Dembrowski, "DaBear" who, after years of producing comic drawings for fun in the workplace and at home, has come up with a theme for a political comic that he has decided to pursue publishing in the local papers and with some success get syndicated into a national paper. We both have worked here many days (and nights) learning and applying the techniques to produce the graphics for the comic, and I must say we're getting some marvelous results.

Near Sleepless Nights!

December 24, 2002 Watch out all you entrepreneurs! DAS (Dembrowski Art and Science) is coming, and it's coming up big time, for real! I have spent more time and energy than I have since my teen years studying and experimenting for this web production, and if I must say for myself, I have been progressing in leaps and bounds! My old domain of Romance Illusion is up in February of 2003 but it seems I will have what I need to get DAS in place to take over the task. DAS will be a much better, more comprehensive site with my full line of interests in the arts and sciences up for interaction. I have also, besides my work with DaBear, been learning some new arts and technologies that I plan to put to use and present on my site that I will talk about in later articles.


DAS Domain Name Registered and Online

December 24, 2002 Last night, up until about five in the morning, I labored myself to learn how to register this new domain, and now am working to design and construct the new web site and direct the new domain name to point to it on the Romance-illusion's current HyperMart account. So, as foreseen in the previous issue of the newsletter, Dembrowski Art and Science is officially under way. The domain name was purchased from Tocows for $29 and change for a two year period and parked on the HyperMart domain name servers awaiting setup (when I learn from my former site business manager how it's done!)

New Visitor Site Restored!

June 19, 2002 After the big crash of Christmas '2001 I have finally got my computer up to snuff with this new and improved visitor's site. Here you can work and play at the newly renamed Dembrowski Art and Science Creative Development Center. This Microsoft NT Workstation facility harbors some of the best creative and entertaining software available. All this fun comes in the six icons in the middle of the desktop. But there is more to be had clicking on any one of the red or green lighted 'buttons' below, such as this News column and a bulletin board section to leave your questions and get responses, like the bbs's on the www. I hope this makes using this workstation handy and fun. Thanx, Marty.

New Name, New Design

June 19, 2002 Now it has been my intention for a year, realizing that most people aren't visiting 'Romance Illusion' on account that they may think it contains some sort of 'bad art', I have decided to name my online site 'Dembrowski Art and Science' and let people's imagination try to screw that one up!

Along with the name change I will be redesigning the whole site to reflect the change that can be seen here at the main design center. This will all require a lot of work, patience and, of course, some funds to re-register under the new internet name. I am quite comfortable with the decision to do all this, though, considering the RI site was an experiment in style and the DAS site will be a return to my old true style.

So, Romance Illusion will be gone by next year. Shame 'cause some people have expressed that they thought it was a good name. But you know what it all comes down to --- Hit Count --- and ultimately, business. Show your support for the Dembrowski Art and Science web site by going to the forum (not ready yet!) and joining in the starter discussion. Thanx, Marty.

Web Designing, thought you couldn't?

June 19, 2002 I think that in this day and age just about everyone should have a web site, or at least be e-mailing. But I think that those who would like a site feel building one would be too hard to learn. Not so! Check out the link in the office for FrontPage and see how easy it is. FrontPage is a WYSIWYG interface, that means you place items and text onto a page as if with glue, just like in a print shop only on the computer. Even if you don't care how the language of the web, HTML, manipulates the page, it's still fun to use. But there is an added benefit to using FrontPage (or another wysiwyg tool) and that is to go and view the coding after you built a page and see what the editor did to get your page to display the way it did. It's like an automated teacher that's always there when you want it, for as long as you want. Try it out, you might get hooked! If you do, remember to save your work whether you like it or not. I could help if you leave a message on the BB, and I just might start a contest or something that could get your ideas on the web!