My Art:

On this page I will be posting my visual art as I have the opportunity to make it, scan it and put it up. The works displayed here are freely downloadable in JPEG or GIF formats as well as compressed Windows BMPs. If you need a program to decompress files here is a good place to go.

The following were done on the computer at a resolution of 640x480 pixels. Color depth is 16 million color or 24 bit color. These pictures were produced specifically for use as desktop backgrounds. If you want to use them as backgrounds I recommend downloading the .zip files and extracting them, they will extract into a windows BMP and be as the original looked when I made them. If you are using an "Active" desktop the JPEGs are efficient for this but you may notice the characteristic "watery" look in them. GIFs work well here, too, but being reduced to 256 color they will have a somewhat banded look around color changing edges that were subtle changes in the original. Click on the picture for a full size view (.jpeg format) and a tidbit about each, for the other formats click the other choices below.


GIF   format   BMP


GIF  format  BMP


GIF  format  BMP


GIF  format  BMP


GIF  format  BMP


GIF  format  BMP


That's it for now. I'll be posting again soon, but remember, I have to draw and paint first! Thanx, Marty.

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