I may be taking my life in my hands here, but this is the place where I talk about all of the people that touched my life, my family. They consist of my parents, brothers and sister, uncles, aunts, cousins and on down the line. But I am one of those personalities that, once you befriend me, you are basically stuck for life. And so friends, good friends that have treated me well from the start and have been there throughout the years are part of my family. I hate to say goodbye and have for the past four decades made it my custom to say something like "see you later" when I part company with my "family".

For the most part a lot of the material here will be my own personal views and observations of the people in this section, but there may be times that I can actually coax one or two of them into writing or submitting something of their own, and that would be a real plus, 'cause I know that my story is best told by me and so theirs would be better said in their own works.

I will naturally be adding to this section as I get more and more, so don't think this is it. Like the rest of this web site this section will constantly be under construction, and any one sub-section can have new material on it at any time, so come back if you like us. Here is what I have so far:

  • My Dad   A memorial to my father, instructor and friend, Alfred S. Dembrowski

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