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Exploring the Web Site

If you are a first time visitor to Dembrowski Art and Science you probably will not know where to find all of the things you want to see and do. Just treat it like any other encyclopedia when you go to buy one and randomly browse through it to get familiar with it's layout. Once you have a feel for the way things are organized then finding a particular point of interest is much easier.

The site is laid out in five basic categories, two of which are the main themes of the site, one is a place where my personal work is exhibited, one for legal reference and one that expands on the information by providing links to many other quality sites as mentioned above. All of the material is interrelated by the use of hyperlinks to bookmarks on other pages using the icons above. Although these links should keep you on track sometimes you may require to deviate from the typical course of study. For this purpose there is a special section in the links area for more exotically related items and some suggestions on other fields of interest that may enhance your objective.

This site is not meant to be an authority on any of the material presented here but all of it's contents are either personally experimented with and evaluated or have been quoted from recognized authorities on the matter. The inclusion of any material here is all based on things that I have been interested in and have at least "tasted" for many years, some I even have recognized credentials in. So although browsing here is not the same as using your Encyclopedia Americana, although I may reference from sources such as that, consider this visit a casual chat with one of the few remaining "renaissance" men of the times, and rest assured that although no document is perfect the philosophy of this site , which has always been my personal behavior, is to verify before presentation. Please see my legal documents for additional information.

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